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Rhonda Byrne’s follow-up to her smash hit, The Secret, is even more powerful in my opinion.  The Power is in short LOVE.  When we express love in everything and in every moment of our lives we are able to truly emit the highest state of positivity that exists.  As Byrne argues, without love we would have nothing, no humans, no phones, no world. We are a product of love.  It is reminiscent of what Wayne Dyer has said:  there are only two emotions in life, love and fear.  When you have one of them you do not have the other.  When we fear, we cannot love.  When we love, we cannot fear.
I believe that love is the most powerful emotion we can share with one another and we can harness that power every day in small but profound ways.  Whether you believe in the law of attraction or you do not, you can believe that there is a difference when you approach a situation with love or without it.  Any relationship, any desire, any thought, etc., can be influenced by love or by an alternative, lesser emotion.  When our enemies hate us and offer us their bitter enmity, we can go beyond that hatred by returning love.
There was the famous Japanese scientist who showed that water crystals can be influenced when someone felt love or felt anger in proximity to the water.  Byrne contends that if we are 99% water, how do you think your love or your anger you feel influences your cellular make up?  When we are angry all the time, it soaks into our cells and changes and mutates our bodies with cancer, heart disease, aging, sickness, and other infirmities.  If we give our body a deep love, we allow our bodies to stay in complete healing or to return to it.  I have now finished The Power twice and have felt moved by its ringingly clear message that I wanted to share with you today and hopefully you can pass that message on to someone this week.

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Rheina Nasution said...

Dear Sir,

Why I can not download The Power, even I already set my internet setting to allow pop-up ... I do really need that book ... Wouls you let me know alternative way to down load it?


Benil Vijay said...

the link is working.pls try with different browser

Anonymous said...

keeps saying email address invalid when I am entering a valid email address

roop badwal said...

pls mail dis book at

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