Abdul Kalam Wings of fire

The book describes the life of APJ Abdul Kalam from his childhood and his tough journey from a small village in Rameshvaram to the peak of success. The book is full of real life incidences and more importantly his perception of things. The positive thinking of a small child is marvelous and inspires the reader to see the things with a completely different view point. In one incidence Kalam says that he saw his father keeping his sleepers outside the mosque before going for praying. It gave him a teaching that one should keep every other thought out of office before starting the work.
Things like importance of love and compassion, God and devotion, dedication towards work, vision of doing something great and working with full dedication towards the goals, are put in every page of the book. The book also describes how simple life Kalam has spent.
The book is also a dedication to all the great personalities like Dr. Sarabhai, Prof. Dhawan and many many more ppl with whom he worked. The far sightedness of these people who led our country towards the self dependency in field of space research, missiles, rockets and nuclear weapons is wonderfully described in the book. Not only the hard-work, Dr Kalam also underlines the importance team building, motivating the team, assigning proper roles to the team members and maintaining a balance in leading and compassion with co-workers.
The journey of India in the field of missiles and rocket science is beautifully described in a summary form. The ups and downs, various setbacks met on the way, bureaucratic barriers, diplomatic boundaries which came before him are explained and how he kept on moving through the hurdles gives the reader a thrilling experience.

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